Sunday Scribblings: Eccentricity


I have been called eccentric a few times. I don’t agree. Different, maybe, but eccentric is a little strong. Eccentric means huge colourful glasses and flying hair for me, and my glasses are the small, black-rimmed variety and my hair only flies when it is windy outside and I did not tie it up in a ponytail. I always do that, though.

I would agree to weird. I have quoted Radiohead’s Creep more than once myself. The feeling that I don’t belong here – wherever here may be at the time – is taking hold of me on a regular basis. It has gotten worse since His disappearance, too. The one place I never felt I didn’t belong was by his side.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings: Eccentricity

  1. The line between eccentric, odd and weird is rather idiosyncratic. I choose to be idiosyncratic, though most people find me odd, or wieird — maybe even a little eccentric.

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