Sunday Scribblings: What’s your sign?

What’s your sign?

Cancer. Yeah, that’s right, it means that my birthday is some time around now. In fact, it is today.

Tell you the truth, I have not been looking forward to my birthday. Over the last week, it was all a bit much. But then I had a good time last night, the sun is shining, the first batch of muffins I made for this afternoon smell absolutely delicious, I am listening to the omnibus edition of The Archers, and I have the feeling this is going to be a good day.

So I am writing my own horoscope for today: You will have a lovely time with your family and friends this afternoon, they will be in raptures about the muffins you made, and tonight you will go for a delicious dinner. The thunderstorms predicted for the late afternoon are going to rage elsewhere. You are going to have a fantastic time, and you deserve it, too.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings: What’s your sign?

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Isn’t reaching a birthday always better than the alternative?

    And, strangely enough, I also foresee a delightful time in your future, with or without the thunderstorms!

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